The Bible is only this.

The consequence of the referendum system is put on the highest decision watchdog of the nation.
The voting support more than the majority of the population of people is assumed to be a consequence of the referendum system.

1. In the constitutionalism, it aims to put "It is the highest decision watchdog as for the referendum system" in the constitution. Moreover, it aims to set up the referendum system in the highest decision watchdog of the nation for the nation that is not the constitutionalism.

2. It overturns it all a national rule decisions like the resolution, the cabinet decision, and the law etc. of .."Consequence of the referendum system".. Diet. The consequence of "Referendum system" is made only "Referendum system" it is possible to be overturned.

3. administrative divisions and state, etc. . . The region should hold a referendum compulsorily when the signature by people who put the address on the region reaches 3% for the population of the region in a certain decided region. The country must hold a referendum compulsorily in the entire nation within one month when the same deal is paid to hold a referendum on the same content in various places where it reaches 10 percent of the entire nation.

4. It makes the cancellation of the consequence of "Referendum system" resolved once or amending only "Referendum system" that obtains the process of this Bible "3".

5. It persists in the monitoring by the people to place installing of the argument that uses the Internet to avoid an intentional public opinion inducement and mislead and the vote rigging.

6. The politician and the civil servant can be decided to resign by the referendum system. The person to whom the resignation was decided by the referendum system has the retirement pay cannot received.

7. People have it surveil to all international conventions through the Internet. Moreover, the treaty signed once by the referendum system can be invalidated.

8. People have the usage of Estimates surveiled through the Internet. Moreover, the Estimates decided once can be withdrawn through the referendum system.

9."Is the voting fairly and impartially done always correctly?" and "Is the report in the media correct?" The monitoring is done forever.

10. Always it thoroughly resists the population invasion and the foreign intervention in domestic affairs of another country, and home country people's life and profits are always overriding compared with the nation. Moreover, the various place resident's profit and life are prioritized in the region in the nation. The foreigner who impairs biosis and life and the profit of people in the region has it the exile.

11. People have the review of the law and the regulation can proposed by "Referendum system" for the history issue forbidden in the thing and the United Nations that publicly puts it out to the mouth by the law.

12. Because another country conflicts with the profit as for "Home country people priority principle natural as the nation" and "Cancellation of international conventions by the referendum system", the occasion that can be the international exchange at people's levels is installed, and I can understand the value of the referendum system each other.