Weak point & Blindside

Referendum system for sovereign

 The "referendum systems" for a ruler is their power, wealth, and honor... It can be said that it is a system where all things are taken. Therefore, every means is used in order to crush a "referendum system."(Though the people have not already thought the nuclear power plant problem to be cheated. )The lobby that was taken as "Referendum system" cannot lose a hazard and international confidence, and do prompt correspondence with the professor at the university whom we brought up and the person who is a specialist and put up is expected to be done. The idea that exists in their bases is a system for the sovereign who is the owner.

 It becomes an argument of the fruitless argument not constructive at all because it is an aimed thing and it is true and is opposite in the direction in which it aims at ordinary people's lives and the profit. Moreover, after "Referendum system" is introduced, the sovereign will do "Lobby that the referendum system is a failure" and "Construction that rules the referendum system assentor by using the friendly piece and eviscerates the referendum system".

Hazard of plebiscite

 "Hazard of the plebiscite" is to mean there is a hazard to which the popular person who is chosen by the election that is does a policy that differs from the public opinion and is dictatorial. The politician chosen by the election who it is a system that seeks the judgment of the people for not the person "Referendum system" but a certain problem, and is man is completely in another with the gist that does "Referendum system".
The idea of the our side is as if with a present way only of the choice of man by the election for "Hazard of the plebiscite" and "Puppet government". "Referendum system" is thought that it is correct to change politician's of making known influence and duty.

Small number of opinions are not reflected

 Those with whom profits disagree to the result of a referendum system are divided into "they are the social a small number of weak, such as those who need welfare, at an obstacle, advanced age, etc.", "the person who had vested rights in a certain industry", and "immigration." I think that I should think about some supports as for "Person for whom welfare is the encumbrance and aged, etc. necessary". However, the example of the nuclear power plant problem has a moderate reason by "Person who had the vested interest in a certain industry etc." if becoming a problem as resolved by the referendum system though understands. It is necessary to value the consequence of the referendum system more than vested interest person's opinion. And, who in the case of the better that there are many living descendants of the future and the common people who destroyed the benefits of industry and vested interests it is certain.

 It is beside the question to accept "Immigrant" and foreigner's opinions. Make to economical reasons, keep not so, and it has emigrated because the immigrant would rather live than live of the home country in another country.
The qualification on which the qualification that does the opinion to the referendum system also votes need not be given to them. If the minimum's willingly blooding it more than three-quarter doesn't become bloody of people in the migration country, people in the migration country and the mixed blood cannot obtain the right and think that he or she should do the immigrant.

Brainwash using media, educational institution, and religion, etc.

 Though there is contradiction because it expresses that it wants to make the group where the our side has the purport of this site the ecclesiastical corporation, the political corporation, the civic group, and a Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities person Noi slippage. There must be pressure and a right and interest granting from the sovereign on the back side of the mislead of the people idea such as the religious foundations and media and the upbringing institutions that enforce the idea. Ruler manipulates the economy and politics to make full use of the media and educational institutions, religion, etc. for national control. We should doubt whether these information is all correct on around the day, and apply the custom of researching for myself.

Friction with foreign country

 There is not the diplomacy without the friction with the foreign country. Not only the language of friendship to make the loss of the two countries that cause it in the consequence of "Referendum system" a minimum but also is the people level on at times is thought that the place of an intense discussion using the Internet etc. is necessary. The people level should make a constructive conversation after the other party is admitted known though "Racially offensive terms" is not good.

When the consequence of the referendum system is wrong

 It is thought that the mistake always adheres to the thing and the policy that man does. Moreover, the consequence of correct "Referendum system" is sure to have been changed or to have been abolished according to the trend in the age up to now and to come by the becoming it time. It is thought that it only has to do the decision by "Referendum system" if the people institute the problem, it signs, and the assentor more than the number of regulations is filled at that time.

To end the proxy rule

 Even politics is a company in the nation, but....The ruler comes to smash the person if one's inconvenient person is in an influential situation.Crushed molester concocted career in trading on tightening of banks and businesses, the train, it is different to war and assassination hoax and arrest and litigation.From what they say, it is that "only need to control the number of top name in order to control the puppet organization or nation that is".Therefore, to replace the top number name with our horses, the sovereign attacks the individual with bad convenience of us.

  It is thought that the our side only has to do the opposite of the thing that the sovereign thinks about. Power and an important decision matter, etc. are diversified to be able to reflect people's public opinions as much as possible. And, it protests with the individual who it is a sovereign or is sovereign's puppet when a certain problem is instituted.


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