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 Can you say that the way only of choosing modern man by the election is democracy? Each it will claim the policy for the people in the manifest media soapbox such as election candidates, but many of them do not reflect the will of the people. Is the thing being passed for a bill and an economic policy that people who will be exploited in the place that people do not know oppositely when and surveiled by the sovereign become unhappy more abundant, and isn't there being substituted for the politics for the sovereign by the plot of the rule right and interest group that transcends national borders a natural home country people priority principle as a nation under the present situation? It is necessary to change it into a national management system that the public opinion for true people values the policy for which people hoped more than man chosen by the election to make it to the reflected nation. And, "Referendum system" was infiltrated at the same time by not only the country because of reducing pressure and the friction of another country but also the world dimensions and to share the sense of value of "Referendum system" all over the world, this site "Meeting that made the referendum system the highest decision in nation watchdog" was made.

 As for the concept of the referendum system to value the policy for which people hoped more than man chosen by the election, the sovereign can rebut it by power of public opinion by making the personal attack etc. that use the malicious arrest, the assassination, and media to man with bad convenience that is sovereign's old trick meaningless. When "Referendum system" is the foolish one, the sovereign tries to substitute for quite another one stuff for which people hoped, and to eviscerate it in the consequence of the plot and the referendum system crushed with an order scholar and media, etc. that are my family dogs. However, it should prevent each and every individual in the country if aware of the purpose against the agenda of the national voting system. In this site "Meeting that makes the referendum system the highest decision in nation watchdog", it is not cheated, and each one is a billboard in the liberty as a constructive argument can be exchanged to media and the public opinion inducement, etc. for the sovereign. Moreover, it is thought that it is possible to help easily for not only the policy but also various problems to sign everyone of people.

 If a constant supporter of this site "Meeting that makes the referendum system the highest decision in nation watchdog" gathers, only on the Internet it and the group are scheduled to be established. I personally think about the ecclesiastical corporation the ecclesiastical corporation, the political corporation, the civic group, and the incorporated nonprofit organization though it is variously. Impression of being used as a tool of aggression and domination forced the thinking of individuals strongly such thing as religion, I myself did not have felt good stuff much, but the world as the bible the values of national voting system it is now I think the best way to leave to posterity without distort anyone spread in that's the most religion that can force the thinking of the individual.Because of thinking avoiding people come to search for the solution by the public opinion of people who that are the consequences of the referendum system and all over the world even when the referendum system infiltrates all over the world as the Bible though the thing that any decision thing conflicts by the difference etc. between the profit and the opinion is a thing that can happen inevitably an extra war.

 However, it is not thought it is significant only by infiltrating all over the world "Referendum system". People all over the world are always indispensable, and it is made to participate in the argument or the policy easily about the nation, and it is indispensable to the liberty to make the soil that is not brainwashed, and cheated by the sovereign exceeding the sense of value of the nation, the race, and the religion, etc. through the Internet etc. Moreover, the sovereign makes them do the construction taken over for a bad idea of my convenience to be sure to lose the intended purpose, and act both idea groups that conflict by sovereign's scenario and cheats the people. I think that there are many things answered to of an intense argument if people of the world speak a nation or a policy across sense of values such as a nation, a race, the religion seriously, but believe the common sense of values as the person even if there is the disagreement by all means over there when there is a thing brought about. Moreover, it is possible to rebut it to a remarkable, on the other hand a warlike nation and discrimination exclusive race and race by the strongest deterrent of public opinion of the world.

 It becomes the tool of the puppet opposition rule of the ruler, and, as for people doing any cruel unjust act for the honor of wealth, power, the falsehood, the tendency that minority and an emigrant with the dissatisfaction become to majority is strong. It is necessary to distinguish the immigrant from the right of people in the country through the home country people priority principle though the majority and the minority think that there is a duty of the thing and the assimilation that mutually secures the same right. I think that this is a natural right as nothing independent nation in the racial discrimination. Especially, when we are the race of hunterss and are divided with the agricultural tribe, the race of hunters has the trend that done do business character strongly becomes the horse of the proxy rule for the sovereign. They are not related of the companion will of the same race though we emigrate strongly and others' countries are letting me live, the profit of our home countries is made to give priority, and our ways are pressed against people at the migration destination. It is necessary not to do the action that participates in a political policy in the country that allows the immigrant to live and demonstrates, and to do the action to which it gives priority to prosperity of the people in the country that allows me to live from the companion of a home country and the same race. Even if there are few political activities of the emigrant, the nation and mixed blood of the emigration do it, and blood more than three-fourths thinks that you must not do it in the blood of the nation of emigration ahead if there is not it.

 This site "Meeting that makes the referendum system the highest decision in nation watchdog" is not a sense of value to politics and the economy, etc. that we the current like "Capitalism, socialism, rightist, and centre-left" etc. had though there are a lot of difficulties got over, too. 「Is it for sovereign? Or, is it for civilian?」It aims at"Happiness of the superlative degree people for the people of the maximum number" considering the thing.